RF Explorer — Handheld/Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer

RF Explorer is the latest breakthrough device in low-cost, RF spectrum analysis

Touchstone and RF Explorer device

RF Explorer operates both as a standalone, handheld RF spectrum analyzer and also interfaces with a PC running more sophisticated data analysis software. There are several models in the RF Explorer series of RF spectrum analyzers that span different frequency ranges — from 50 KHz up to 6100 MHz. Don’t let the price fool you — the performance of these small, affordable instruments compares favorably to more expensive and bulky test equipment. Prices begin at only $129 USD.

RF Explorer

Wi-Fi Diagnostics

With wireless systems it is very difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of test equipment. Radio waves don’t travel the same distance in all directions — instead walls, doors, elevator shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable. An RF spectrum analyzer is the tool of choice when it comes to troubleshooting wireless problems related to RF interference. The RF Explorer handheld spectrum analyzer is available in both single-band (2.4x GHz ISM band) and dual-band (2.4x GHz and 5.x GHz ISM band) models.

RF Explorer

RF Explorer devices can be used stand-alone or combined with WiFi Surveyor software, which runs on your Windows PC.

WiFi Surveyor