Nuts About Nets has been developing wireless diagnostic tools and software since 2006. Our focus is low-cost, easy-to-use tools that professionals and non-professionals alike can use to solve real-world problems related to RF interference and intermodulation distortion. The tools come in two hardware form-factors — USB dongle or handheld. A wireless USB dongle attaches to a Windows PC running diagnostic software, whereas a handheld instrument can operate standalone (or also connect to a Windows PC).

RF Explorer -- RF Spectrum Analyzer

Our track record speaks for itself — both in the width and breadth of new, innovative products we’ve developed. With patents for Wi-Fi channel optimization and intermodulation analysis, we’ve demonstrated an ability to approach old problems from new perspectives.

Whether your objective is to troubleshoot a problem with a Wi-Fi network, coordinate wireless transmitters and monitor frequencies for a live event, test your RC gear, detect sources of RF interference or rogue transmitters, or you simply require a general-purpose instrument to measure RF transmissions across a frequency spectrum, then check-out our products to see how they can help solve your wireless needs in today’s increasingly crowded and unpredictable RF spectrum.

Product Spotlight

RF Explorer — Handheld/Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer

RF Explorer is the latest breakthrough device in low-cost, RF spectrum analysis

RF Explorer operates both as a standalone, handheld RF spectrum analyzer and also interfaces with a PC running more sophisticated data analysis software. There are several models in the RF Explorer series of RF spectrum analyzers that span different frequency ranges — from 15 MHz up to 6100 MHz. Don’t let the price fool you — the performance of these small, affordable devices compares favorably to more expensive and bulky test equipment. Prices begin at $119 USD.

The new 6 GHz RF Explorer models are now available — check them out here.. They cover both the 2.4x and 5.x GHz ISM bands and are the perfect diagnostic tool for monitoring and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks.

RF Explorer -- Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

Commitment to quality and low-cost are unmatched

RF Explorer was developed by Arocholl and is distributed by Nuts About Nets. Nuts About Nets also supports RF Explorer by developing PC-based software to enhance the functionality of the device.

RF Explorer is a remarkable diagnostic tool that both professionals and amateurs are bound to love. The combination of standalone, handheld operation and PC-based, data acquisition and analysis are unique in the market place. Arocholl’s commitment to quality and low-cost are unmatched — you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this device.

Several models to choose from that differ in the frequency range they support. Prices start at $119 USD.

Light-weight and small in size, can operate as a stand-alone, handheld device. Internal, rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hrs+ of continuous run. LCD display of 128×64 pixels offers great visibility outdoors.

Data Interface (USB)
Using USB cable can connect to Windows PC running more sophisticated data acquisition and analysis software.

Comparable to RF spectrum analyzers that cost many times more. Excellent dynamic range, sensitivity, and resolution bandwidth.

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RigExpert IT-24 — Multi-Function 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, RF Spectrum Analyzer

3 RF Diagnostic Tools In 1 Handheld Device

RigExpert IT-24 is a universal RF tester for the 2.4x GHz ISM band. It is a remarkable device that boasts 3 RF diagnostic tools in a single, handheld device — a 2.4x GHz RF spectrum analyzer with 3 graphical diagnostic charts, a power meter for measuring the output transmit power of any wireless device (including Wi-Fi access points), and a meter for measuring the SWR transmission efficiency of RF cables and antennas. RigExpert IT-24 is the ideal test and measurement device for troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems related to RF interference. Don’t let the price fool you — the performance and features of this device set it apart from any other product in the wireless diagnostics industry. The price of RigExpert IT-24 is only $295 USD.

RigExpert IT-24 is a unique diagnostic tool in the wireless industry — it supports 3 very useful test features. Its most compelling feature is a graphical 2.4x GHz RF spectrum analyzer with spectrum trace, density and waterfall views. In addition, the device can be used to measure the transmit power of any 2.4x GHz wireless transmitter (including Wi-Fi access points) and the SWR efficiency of RF cables and antennas. RigExpert IT-24 supports a frequency range of 2300-2600 MHz, which includes Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and ZigBee technologies. Furthermore, all of this functionality was designed and engineered in a rugged, stylish handheld device that costs less than $300 USD.

RigExpert IT-24-- RF Spectrum Analyzer

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RF Viewer — Wireless USB Dongle, RF Spectrum Analyzer

“Out-Of-This-World Features,  At A Down-To-Earth Price…”

RF Viewer is a PC-based, RF spectrum analyzer. It uses a wireless, USB dongle that interfaces with your Windows PC running Touchstone-Pro or Clear Waves data analysis software. The wide band, RF spectrum analyzer spans a frequency range of 24 MHz up to 1766 MHz, which makes it ideal for use in a broad array of RF-related applications. Don’t let the price fool you — the performance of this device compares favorably to more expensive and bulky test equipment. The price of the RF Viewer package with Touchstone-Pro software is only $79 USD.

An excellent review of the product appeared in a recent edition of The Spectrum Monitor publication and appears here. Regular contributor to TSM, Mario Filippi N2HUN, takes this spectrum analyzer dongle to the VHF and UHF bands, looking for signals. He notes, “Unquestionably, this is one of the most useful pieces of radio gear I have encountered as a hobbyist in many years!”

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RF Viewer-- Wireless USB Dongle, RF Spectrum Analyzer

Performance and features at an unbeatable price — $79 USD

RF Viewer employs a DVB-T dongle based on the Realtek RTL2832U chipset that supports a USB 2.0 interface. It can be used as a Software Defined Radio (SDR). The folks at Osmocom developed software to interact with the chipset and called it RTL-SDR.

RF Viewer re-defines the mobile RF spectrum analyzer. The wireless DVB-T dongle is small and light-weight, and when combined with Touchstone-Pro or Clear Waves software offers performance and features comparable to larger, more expensive devices.

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RF Explorer RackPRO

Rack-Mounted RF Spectrum Analyzer Plus Clear Waves Software

The RF Explorer RackPRO™ is a spectrum analyzer and frequency coordination platform for A/V professionals using wireless audio equipment. One RF Explorer RackPRO system includes both a physical 19” rack mounted unit, and a copy of Clear Waves frequency coordination software for Windows, or optionally a copy of RF Venue’s own Mac OSX frequency coordination software. The cost of RF Explorer RackPRO bundled with Clear Waves software is only $849 USD.
RF Explorer RackPRO -- Rack-Mounted RF Spectrum Analyzer

The RF Explorer® RackPRO™ is a hardware and software spectrum analysis platform designed to manage and monitor any wireless audio system from a laptop or equipment rack. Powerful frequency coordination and live interference monitoring is now easy to master and within budget for venues large and small. While most spectrum analyzers offer laboratory precision across wide frequency ranges, the RackPRO is designed with essential features that operate only in the range required for wireless mics and IEMs.

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Introducing WifiBuilder

The Industry’s First Diagnostic And Production Wi-Fi Access Point

WifiBuilder is the industry’s first diagnostic and production Wi-Fi access point. A new type of wireless network tool that excels at determining your wireless network’s best channel. WifiBuilder is both a diagnostic tool AND a high-end, dual-band, 802.11N access point. Use it in diagnostic mode for troubleshooting and detecting RF interference that cripples the performance of your Wi-Fi network (using IMMI technology it computes which channel has the greatest available bandwidth). Or use it in production mode, configure the WifiBuilder access point to use the best channel for optimal performance and leave it in place — for use as your normal AP.

Profiler24x is a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool used for installing, troubleshooting and monitoring 802.11 wireless networks in the 2.4x GHz band. It is unique in its use of an access point (WifiBuilder) in performing channel analysis. Employing patent-pending IMMI (Indirect Measurement of Microwave Interference) technology Profiler24x provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of a wireless network. The information collected and displayed by Profiler24x helps to simplify troubleshooting of interference-related problems and predicts bandwidth performance for each 802.11 channel.

PC Magazine Best Of 2011 -- WifiBuilder

PC Magazine announces that WifiBuilder has won the seventh annual Best of the Year 2011 Award in the category of Network Software.

PC Magazine Review of WifiBuilder Diagnostic AP

WifiBuilder received a great review from PC Magazine — 4.5 stars and an Editor’s Choice award.

WifiBuilder Diagnostic and Production Access Point

Why Use WifiBuilder ?

Running a custom Linux kernel, the WifiBuilder AP communicates with diagnostic applications that are run from your Windows desktop or laptop machine. These diagnostic applications are used for installing, troubleshooting and monitoring 802.11 wireless networks. That is, in addition to being used as your normal AP for wireless network communication, WifiBuilder is designed to be used as a diagnostic tool — performing data acquisition and communicating with a Windows application that analyzes the results and displays them using graphical charts. When the WifiBuilder AP is left in-place as your normal AP then its diagnostic capabilities are always available when the need arises.

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Clear Waves is a “game-changer” — the industry’s first product that includes both realtime RF spectrum analysis and intermodulation analysis

Precise, wideband RF spectrum scanning, visualization and channel coordination of the RF environment

In a hostile RF environment why leave your wireless planning to chance ?

Take the guess work out of configuring your wireless audio gear — Pro Audio White Space Finder / RF Spectrum Analyzer enables you to choose the optimal channel assignments — free from RF interference and intermodulation distortion. The Clear Waves analyzer offers detailed RF spectrum scans using easy to view, graphical displays, along with interference-free channel assignments. Real-time RF spectrum analysis combined with our intermodulation distortion (IMD) module delivers optimal channel assignments for even the most demanding RF environments.

Clear Waves RF spectrum analyzer software

Clear Waves Was Designed With These Goals In Mind:

  • Combine RF spectrum analysis and intermodulation analysis in a single tool.
  • Automatic charting of open white spaces (RF frequencies) in a real-time RF environment.
  • Graphical UI that is easy to use; lays-out the relevant data in a clear, concise way.
  • The UI is tablet-PC friendly.
  • Fast data acquisition, display, and channel assignments.
  • Sets up the RF spectrum analyzer with proper default settings for span, RBW, VBW, image suppression, scaling, and sensitivity with minimal user input. This allows users with little to no experience with spectrum analyzers to get right to work.
  • User-definable threshold for open white space.
  • Sensitive and accurate measurements.

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Introducing Intermod Assist

Intermodulation Calculator and Frequency Coordination Software

Introducing the latest, low-cost development in RF intermodulation analysis and frequency coordination — Intermod Assist. Intermod Assist is a new, ground-breaking software tool specifically designed for the wireless, professional audio and video industries. Its computational engine rapidly generates frequency sets of intermodulation distortion-free radio frequencies, applying user-defined signal bandwidths and channel spacing. These frequency sets can be used to coordinate transmitter frequencies where the goal is to assign the most reliable channels to your wireless audio and video gear — that is, channels free of intermodulation interference.

Pro Audio White Space Finder / RF Spectrum Analyzer

Why Use Intermod Assist ?

In the wireless audio industry, RF interference and intermodulation distortion have become major concerns — the number and variety of new and different wireless devices that operate in the UHF band can wreck havoc when it comes to configuring wireless audio gear.  In the shrinking frequency space allotted for wireless audio equipment it has become a true challenge to assign interference-free channels to wireless audio equipment. Intermod Assist is an invaluable tool that can be used to facilitate frequency coordination and channel assignments in the most complex RF environments.  Intermod Assist saves valuable setup time by computing the most reliable frequencies — free of interference from intermodulation products.

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