About Us

Nuts About Nets (established in 2006) and Rational Waves (established in 2010) are privately held companies based in Bellevue, WA USA. Nuts About Nets is a leading innovator of low-cost, PC-based, Wi-Fi diagnostic tools used for installing, optimizing and troubleshooting 802.11 wireless networks. Rational Waves develops diagnostic software and tools for the wireless communication industry in general — e.g. wireless pro audio, cell phone detection, wireless communication problems associated with RF interference and congestion.

Our mission is to develop low-cost, easy-to-use tools that professionals and non-professionals alike can use to solve real-world problems related to RF interference and intermodulation distortion. Our track record speaks for itself — both in the width and breadth of new products we’ve developed and that are deployed around the world. With patents for Wi-Fi channel optimization and intermodulation analysis, we’ve demonstrated an ability to approach old problems from new perspectives.

The world of wireless communications continues to grow and evolve and troubleshooting problems related to RF interference and intermodulation distortion can be challenging to solve. We continue to strive to develop innovative, low-cost solutions to help our customers succeed in identifying wireless problems and develop strategies for solving them.