About Us


Nuts About Nets was started in 2006 in the city of Redmond, WA — well known as a center of technology and the location for a number of nationally known high-tech, biomedical and software (e.g. Microsoft) companies. Initially the core of our business was installing and configuring computer networks — both wired and wireless. Hence the ‘Nets’ portion of our name, referring to communication networks. Shortly after our business began it became apparent there was a much greater demand and need for installing and troubleshooting wireless networks. We learned that even for people with knowledge and experience with managing wired networks that solving problems unique to wireless networks was a daunting challenge — mostly because they didn’t have the right tools or the tools were too expensive. With that insight our company changed its focus and began designing and developing inexpensive software and tools that could be used to solve the most common problem in wireless communications — RF interference. Today, Nuts About Nets is a leading innovator of low-cost, PC-based, diagnostic tools used for installing, optimizing and troubleshooting 802.11 wireless networks. We also develop diagnostic software and tools for the wireless communication industry in general — e.g. wireless pro audio, cell phone detection, and wireless communication problems associated with RF interference and congestion.


Our mission is to develop low-cost, easy-to-use tools that professionals and non-professionals alike can use to solve real-world problems related to RF interference and intermodulation distortion. Our track record speaks for itself — both in the width and breadth of new products we’ve developed and that are deployed around the world. With patents for Wi-Fi channel optimization and intermodulation analysis, we’ve demonstrated an ability to approach old problems from new perspectives. We are passionate about our business and work and take satisfaction knowing our products continue to help people solve wireless problems, which allows them to enjoy and better appreciate this great technology.
Method and device for estimating RF interference in Wi-Fi communication by measuring time delays in RF transmission
Method for configuring wireless links for a live entertainment event

Looking Ahead…

Nuts About Nets has come a long way from its humble beginnings of installing wireless networks, and the future in Wi-Fi diagnostics and troubleshooting wireless communications looks bright. The world of wireless communications continues to grow and evolve and troubleshooting problems related to RF interference and intermodulation distortion will remain challenging to solve. We continue to strive to develop innovative, low-cost solutions to help our customers succeed in identifying wireless problems and develop strategies for solving them. There will always be new, better, more cost-effective ways to solve problems — so, for us, it is “full steam ahead!”.