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RF Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Coordination Software

Clear Waves is a diagnostic tool specifically designed for the wireless professional audio and video industries. It is the industry’s first, PC-based tool to offer RF spectrum analysis, intermodulation analysis and automatic charting of open white space (open RF frequency) for use with wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, remote control, security, access control, etc — all built into a single product. Clear Waves’ unique combination of features — RF spectrum analysis plus intermodulation analysis — make it an extremely versatile and powerful tool, one that extends beyond the bounds of traditional RF analyzers.

Clear Waves Software width=

Clear Waves can use either the RF Explorer or RF Viewer spectrum analyzer for data acquisition. It turns data collected from these analyzers into graphical charts, displays in real time and performs intermodulation analysis — enabling users to more readily visualize the RF environment, coordinate channel assignments for wireless transmitters, monitor RF signals, troubleshoot RF issues, and detect sources of RF interference.

Clear Waves’ features include the following:


Supports All RF Explorer Models


Supports Signal Hound RF Analyzer


Simulation (Demo) Mode


Built-in & User-Defined Profiles


Save Traces in XML or CSV Format


Generate PDF Reports


Intermodulation Analysis


Monitored Frequencies Mode

Yes (160)

Compare Two Traces


Show Reference Trace


Number of Diagnostic Charts


>>>>> RF Spectrum Trace


>>>>> Heatmap / Waterfall Display


>>>>> Density Chart


>>>>> Delta Trace


>>>>> Intermods & White Space


Default View
Clear Waves -- Default View
Clear Waves features two different Scan Modes: Spectrum Analysis and Monitored Frequencies.

Clear Waves -- Scan Modes
When set to Spectrum Analysis mode, Clear Waves scans the specified frequency range and displays a spectrum trace — that is, a chart with RF Signal Strength along the Y-axis and frequency along the X-axis. It also displays the data using a variety of diagnostic charts: Waterfall History, Density Chart, Delta Chart, and Intermods & Whitespace. The Intermods & Whitespace chart, in addition to displaying the RF spectrum trace, presents a visual representation of an intermodulation-compatible frequency set.

Using the Monitored Frequencies scan mode, Clear Waves displays the RF energy detected at (up to) 160 specific frequencies defined by the user. For example, in the setting of a live performance where it is important to monitor the channels that have been assigned to wireless audio devices, the Monitored Frequencies feature can be used to ensure those channels are not being impacted by other sources of RF transmissions.

Diagnostic Charts

  • RF Spectrum Trace
  • Waterfall History / Heatmap
  • Monitored Frequencies
  • White Spaces and Intermod-Compatible Frequencies
  • Density Chart
  • Delta Trace
  • RF Spectrum Trace
    Clear Waves -- RF Spectrum Trace<

    Waterfall History / Heatmap
    Clear Waves -- Waterfall History

    Monitored Frequencies
    Clear Waves -- Monitored Frequencies

    White Spaces and Intermod-Compatible Frequencies
    Clear Waves -- White Spaces and Intermod-Compatible Frequencies

    Density Chart
    Clear Waves -- Density Chart

    Delta Trace
    Clear Waves -- Delta Trace